UBag 8 Production Photos

After testing, we made a few refinements to the UBag 8 which are not shown in the prototype photos.

ubag8_prod5D Ring Attachment for the Bag “Legs”

We found that the cambuckles which were previously sewn onto the bottom of each leg, were too close to some bike’s plastic side covers (they never actually touched but it just looked a bit dicey).   So we decided to change that to a D Ring mounting point on the top of the bag.  This allows you to position the cambuckle anywhere you like.

This approach also turned out to a be stronger, so it was an overall improvement to the UBag design and will be included in future batches of the UBag 6 as well.

Compression Strap

ubag8_prod2During testing, one of the key points raised by testers was that when the bag was not completely full, it tended to sag down at the sides.

So we decided to add an adjustable compression strap that would stop the bag sagging down at the sides when partially filled.  This strap wraps right around the outside of the bag and can be adjusted to suite how full the bag is packed.


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