African Technical UBag 6 Off the Bike

UBag 6 Camping Contents

Example of UBag 6 Contents for a Camping Trip

The photo below shows what we normally  pack into our  UBag 6 for a weekend camping trip.

Typical Contents of UBag 6 for Camping Trip

What we normally pack into a UBag 6 for a camping trip.

1. UBag 6 Saddle Bag 10. Aluminum Windshield
2. Tent 11. Toileteries
3. Inflatable Mattress 12. Long Socks
4. Inflatable Pillow 13. Underwear
5. Sleeping Bag 14. Food (1 meal just in case)
6. Cookset (with cup inside) 15. Long Casual Pants
7. Cutlery & Plate 16. Shirts and Fleece
8. Gas Stove 17. Shoes
9. Gas Canister (fits inside cookset) 18. Camping Towel (not shown)

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