Mounting the UBag 6 on Your Bike

The African Technical UBag 6 Soft Luggage Saddle Bag on a KTM 690
The African Technical UBag 6 on a KTM 690
  • The UBag soft luggage motorcycle saddlebag is designed to sit on the rear fender or rack, right behind (or even on) the saddle in an almost horizontal attitude, with the “legs” of the bag sloping down at a shallow angle (they need to sit just beneath your thighs as you sit on the bike).  The bag essentially takes the place of a pillion.
  • It is critical that the UBag sits WELL CLEAR OF THE EXHAUST, otherwise it will melt.
The African Technical UBag 6 Soft Luggage Saddle Bag on a KTM 690
The African Technical UBag 6 on a KTM 690
  • The Ubag is secured to the rear fender or subframe using the two separate straps supplied. They should encircle the top of the bag, threaded through the external attachment loops of the UBag.  These two straps must be attached to suitably secure points such as the bike’s rear grab handles, luggage rack, or some other secure point that can withstand the load of the bag.

    The African Technical UBag 6 Soft Luggage Saddle Bag on a KTM 690
    The African Technical UBag 6 on a KTM 690
  • The “legs” of the UBag each have an attached strap and cambuckle.  You need to a find, or install, secure attachment points for the straps, slightly lower down and in front of the bag, on each side of the bike,.  Again please be very careful that these straps are kept WELL CLEAR OF THE EXHAUST.
  • Make sure the UBag is not tilting to one side and is positioned centrally.
  • Tighten all the straps up firmly, but without excessive force, so that the bag sits snugly.  Be careful of crushing fragile goods inside the bag.
  • Make sure that the bag or straps are not pressing any plastic panels AGAINST THE EXHAUST, because they will melt.
  • Make sure that the straps cannot flap loose and get caught in the rear wheel or other moving parts, because this may cause a bad accident.
  • Please note that packed goods inside the UBag tend to settle as you ride, so you may need to tighten the straps occasionally.
  • Please note that the UBag will leave marks on decals and surfaces that it sits on.  We recommend that you take measures to prevent that, such as covering those surfaces with clear heavy duty vinyl.
  • Please note that some bikes have weak sub-frames which may break as a result.  We recommend that you strengthen your sub-frame if necessary, or at least inspect it frequently for cracks.
  • Please note that the UBag is designed to be fairly full for proper mounting on the bike.  It is not designed to be mounted empty, or mostly empty.
  • Please note that the additional weight may adversely affect the bike’s handling, sometimes severely so, especially at higher speeds.  Try and position heavier items lower down, and ahead of the rear wheel.

2 thoughts on “Mounting the UBag 6 on Your Bike”

  1. Howdy, I’ve just come across your post on the forum, I looked at the stuff packed into your Ubag6, most impressive! Being that I’ve just started out in adventure biking, purchased an old KLR this week, I’m looking to start kitting myself up. I have 2 quick questions, I see you mention heavy duty vinyl is recommended for damages prevention, where is this found? What size tent & sleeping back would be needed to fit into your bag? I’m rather keen on the smaller one, as you pointed, forces one to pack sparingly.

    1. Hi
      You can get that heavy duty stick-on vinyl at any of the branding/wrapping companies that make up stickers for cars and bikes – such as Bandit Signs I would imagine.

      The sleeping bag I use is a First Ascent Packlite, its been replaced by the Amplify900 I think. Here’s a link to some of the kit that I found packs nice and small but still works well

      The tent was from Outdoor Warehouse called a Trek II I think. They stopped selling it which was a pity. But when I was there last, they did have some tents on sale which looked nice and small. To fit into the UBag 6 you need a tent that folds into a cylinder no longer than 50cm with a diameter of 20cm.

      Please note that the UBag 6 is a bit narrow for a KLR, because the back of the bike is quite wide. The UBag 8 fits well.

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