Caring for Your UBag

  • Like any other fabric bag, the UBag can be damaged by abrasion or chafing on sharp objects and edges.  Please avoid contact with sharp edges and hard corners, or abrasion on hard rough surfaces.
  • While the fabric is water resistant, water can enter via the holes made by sewing, panel joints as well as through the zip.  You may want to seal the joints and sewing holes with seam sealer (available from most outdoor/tent shops).
  • The thread exposed on the inside of the bag may wear from abrasion with packed goods.  You may want to protect that thread by applying flexible epoxy such as Prately Wonda Fix.
  • Please note that any zip will eventually be damaged if you try and force too much into the bag.  Please do not overstress the zip.
  • The bag will be subject to normal wear during use.  Please inspect it each time to ensure it is fit for use.
  • The Ubag is not designed for excessively heavy loads.
  • Do not clean the bag with any solvents or chemicals which may damage the bag.  We recommend normal soap and water.
  • Store in a cool dry cupboard, not in direct sunlight.
  • The fabric has been impregnated with a tough resin which makes it water resistant.  Over time this resin may wear out.  Please inspect the bag regularly.

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